Mentor Animal Hospital

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Wellness Services

At Mentor Animal Hospital, we would rather prevent disease than treat it. We will examine your pet thoroughly and make recommendations based on your pet's history, age, breed, condition, and lifestyle. Our vaccination protocols are based on our knowledge of local diseases and what diseases your pet might encounter if traveling. Our pharmacy stocks a variety of effective heartworm, flea, and tick preventatives. We compound flavored medications for finicky pets. Below are some of the preventative services offered at Mentor Animal Hospital.

Annual physical exam: To maintain health.

Blood testing: For evaluating regularly administered medications.

Ear flushes: To remove wax and debris from the ear canal.

Fecal exam: To detect intestinal parasites.

Flea prevention: Prevents flea infestations.

Health Certificates: For boarding or travel.

Heartworm testing: To detect heartworms before they cause disease.

Life-stage panels: Looks for diseases specific to an age group.

Liver panel: To evaluate liver function.

New puppy/kitten exam: To insure a long and healthy life.

Parasite prevention: For intestinal parasites.

Pre-anesthetic testing: To insure safe use of anesthesia.

Renal panel: To evaluate kidney function.

Therapeutic diets: To prevent specific conditions.

Thyroid panel: To evaluate thyroid function.

Tonometry: Screen for glaucoma.

Vaccinations: For preventable diseases.

Wellness exam: To insure a long and healthy life.