Mentor Animal Hospital

6231 Reynolds Road
Mentor, OH 44060


Surgical Services

Mentor Animal Hospital offers comprehensive surgical care. We use the safest anesthetic protocols available. Pets are examined and carefully evaluated before any sedation or anesthesia is given. When necessary, an intravenous catheter is placed and fluid therapy is utilized to support the cardiovascular system and assure a smooth recovery. An EKG, heart rate, respiratory rate, blood oxygen levels, and temperature are continuously monitored during every anesthetic procedure. We frequently consult with veterinary surgical specialists and utilize the most current surgical techniques. We use a wide variety of post operative pain medication. Below are some of the surgical conditions we treat at Mentor Animal Hospital. For more information, see our Library page.

Soft Tissue Surgery

Abscess Treatment: Treats fight wounds.  

Cherry Eye Repair: Repairs unsightly and painful eye condition.  

Cystotomy: Remove bladder stones.  

Enterotomy: Open the bowel to remove foreign body.  

Entropion repair: Treats painful eye condition.  

Exploratory Laparotomy: To diagnose and treat medical conditions.  

Eyelid Surgery: To remove lid cysts.  

Foreign Body Removal: When a pet eats something inappropriate.  

Laceration Repair: Following trauma or a fight.  

Orchiectomy (Neuter): To control behavior and reduce unwanted pets.  

Ovariohysterectomy (Spay): To control behavior and reduce unwanted pets.  

Soft tissue Surgery: To treat numerous medical conditions.  

Splenectomy: To treat blood loss or cancer.  

Trauma Repair: Following an accident or fight.  

Tumor Removal: To treat Cancer.  


Orthopedic Surgery

Cruciate Ligament Repair: Stabilizes the knee.  

Femoral Head and Neck Excision: Eliminates pain in severely dysplastic dogs or cats.  

Fracture Splinting: Stabilizes painful broken bones.  

Patellar Luxation Repair: Enable normal knee function.  

Puppy dewclaw removal: To prevent problems later in life.